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One of the area’s most respected and sought after keyboard players, Levy has earned the admiration and respect of fans and peers alike for his creativity and professionalism. His unique blending of Latin dance rhythm with soulful jazz styles have given his music an unforgettable trademark sound which has earned recognition by local, national, and international jazz music experts. He has been described by a fan as “one of a kind when it comes to piano jazz explorations, and his unique playing style is all his own.” His playing is a “lovely delight to savor and enjoy!”

As an accomplished composer, Levy has perfected a new blend of music that incorporates the raw, tribal rhythms of his native Brazil with the smooth harmonies of American jazz. Whether it's an up-tempo tune that makes you want to drive faster or a heart-rending ballad that brings the listener to tears, every one of Levy's songs will make you an instant jazz music convert.

His current project "Deliciosa" is an exciting new collection of songs that highlight the industry's top players. Not content to stay within the standard boundaries of traditional jazz music, Levy invited players from multiple improvisational styles and blended their trademark sounds with his crossover style and the results are extraordinary. Dave Weckl and John Patitucci fans will hear their incredible sounds blended with traditional samba, while Eric Marienthal's  flair soars over a genius foundation of rhythms that will make you ravenous for more. Levy then throws Britain's own Simon Goulding and Aias Panagotis into the mix with his signature bass grooves while the compelling cadences of Celso Alberti and Gumbi Ortiz have your hips moving and your feet dancing. Frank Gamble , Jose Neto, Michael Spiro and Michael Stever and Jeff Driskill round out the sound with fascinating harmonization that seal the deal – this upcoming release will stand the test of time and will become a standard on playlists around the world


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